Name Title Affiliation Area of Expertise
Amber Latimer Ms. Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta Classical ceramics, Late Antiquity, Early Christian Symbols and Iconography
Amy Bogaard Prof. School of Archaeology, Oxford University archaeobotancial research and analysis, Neolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology, Archaeobotany, Early Farming Practice and Land Use in Europe and Western Asia, Present-Day Traditional Farming Practice, Palaeodietary Studies
Anastasios Mitrousis Mr. Hellenic Center for Marine Research Marine research, Biophysics, Marine and Land Geophysics, Hyrdoacoustics, Computers and Electronics
Andrew Bevan Dr. University College London Aegean landscape and archaeology, Ground/pecked stone tool analysis, GIS and Spatial Analysis, Material Culture and Value, Mediterranean Archaeology and History, Human Settlement and Landscape Ecology, Archaeological Survey and Excavation Methods
Anthony W. Masinton Dr. Department of Archaeology, University of York ARCHITECTURE, Buildings Archaeology, Architectural Survey, Computer Visualization
Areti Pentedeka Dr. OREA: Institut für Orientalische und Europäische Archäologie Ceramic petrology, Neolithic and Bronze Age Aegean, Petrographic Analysis, Ceramic Technologies, Exchange Networks, Trade of Coarse and Cooking Wares in the Mediterranean (7th century B.C. - 5th century A.D.)
Ariane Poulin Prof. CEGEP Rosemont domestic architecture
Aris Tsavaropoulos Mr. GSC: 26th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
Athanasios Tziafalias GSC: 15th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
Athanasios Vionis Prof. Deparment of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus Late Antique Pottery, Byzantine/Post-Byzantine Ceramics, Technology/Production/Distribution of Ceramic Vessels, History and Archaeology of Food Consumption, Domestic Material Culture, Landscape Archaeology, Archaeological Survey