KKAP - Excavations: Building 5

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 to Monday, June 30, 2008

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Building 5 was initially investigated by the Greek team during four weeks in September and October, 2005.  Vegetation was cleared and the overall layout of visible architecture was mapped.  This building is located in the southwest section of the hill’s saddle, the central zone of the city dominated by an assortment of public and religious buildings.  Building 5 consists of a large rectangular courtyard, measuring ca 29 m E-W x 30 m N-S, with a series of smaller rooms on both the eastern and western sides.  Another orthogonal room or construction was found north of the altar.  Within the courtyard a small orthogonal building was discovered, measuring 5.81 m N-S x 5.60 m E-W with preserved foundations consisting of a single scale of elongated limestone blocks.  The building, whose entrance faces east, is divided into two rooms by a wall running N-S.  A large limestone threshold leads from the eastern anteroom into the main western chamber, the floor of which consists of red soil mixed with pebbles.

In front of its entrance, an area paved with slabs, is a small altar built of vertically placed slabs.  A small orthogonal limestone block with three breast-like protrusions was discovered very close to the entrance.  Such finds are known from Eretria  and Pharsalos where they appear in both religious and domestic contexts.  Theories suggest that these protrusions represent a form of symbolic marker, sometimes associated with stelai dedicated to the Thessalian goddess Enodia.


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