Leukos Survey Project

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Dimanche, Février 17, 2013

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The research objective of the Leukos Survey Project [LeSP] was to investigate and document human activity and land use at Leukos (modern Kato Leukos) in order to contextualize the Late Roman and Early Byzantine remains in relation to other known sites both on the island of Karpathos and within the broader Mediterranean region. Further, the project established the ceramic and architectural typologies and chronologies with topographic, architectural and full-coverage surface pottery sherd surveys of the area.

Preliminary pottery analyses demonstrate that the diagnostic ceramic forms at Leukos are predominantly Phokaian Red Slip Ware, Late Roman 2 amphora, and African Red Slip Ware.  Two Phokaian thin-walled sherds were stamped with crosses and both date to the late 5th or early 6th century CE.  While most body sherds were not collected, it was observed that many share fabrics consistent with diagnostic material from Phokaia.  Overall, the pottery survey revealed a tight chronological timeframe of two centuries from the 5th to 6th centuries CE for human occupation and activity at Leukos.

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