MagA - Secteur Sud-Est : Bâtiment F / Southeast Sector: Building F

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 to Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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The early phases of investigation revealed that Building F was covered with a thick deposit of more than 8 m which made full scale excavation a challenging prospect.  In 2002, work started with uncovering the façade along the main road in order to define the western edge of the building.  The wall’s western end abutted the corner of another building (G), which was well preserved and may be one of the most imposing structures of this sector, judging by the level of preservation and size of stones used for the construction as well as the care devoted to their dressing.

After initial exploration, work continued again in 2007 when additional trenches were opened which revealed several structural features.  East-west walls were found in two trenches, although each was a distinct wall not aligned with the other, one being built slightly to the south of the other’s path.  The most recent floor, corresponding to the north wall in a third trench, was partially excavated and revealed numerous finds, none of which could be dated later than 350 BCE.  One artifact of note was a bronze punch used to impress rosette motifs on metallic objects, indicating the general importance of metallurgical activities at Argilos.

Work in 2013 finished the excavations of rooms F4 and F5 which made it clear that the occupation is dated to the second half of the 6th century BCE.  Several sectors of a quadrangular space to the north of these rooms are yet to be excavated, but the area first requires significant consolidation due to the pronounced inclination of the hill and large amount of fallen stones that cover the structures in this area.


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