Ayia Sotira Cemetery Excavation

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Πέμπτη, Ιούνιος 1, 2006 to Τρίτη, Αύγουστος 31, 2010

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The Ayia Sotira Cemetery Excavation [ASCE] is a multi-faceted research program focusing on a threatened small Mycenaean cemetery at Ayia Sotira (near Koutsoumadi, Corinthia), associated with the Bronze Age settlement of Tsoungiza in the Nemea Valley near the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea. Six tombs were excavated between 2006-2008, dating from Late Helladic IIIA1to IIIB2 with evidence of activity in the late 8th century/early 7th century BCE as well during the Byzantine period. Tomb 1 was excavated by the 37th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in 2002 while Tombs 2 through 6 were examined by this research programme. The project operated within a framework recognizing that excavations of chamber tombs, known to have been re-opened several times throughout their operational lifespan, have had a notable lack of associated stratigraphic analysis. As recovering such information can greatly contribute to understanding the mortuary practices of communities associated with such tombs, a significant focus of the Ayia Sotira project utilized maro- and microstratigrahpic studies of six tombs based on field and micromorphological observations of sediment fills. GIS documentation and geophysical studies were also used to supplement the data acquired during the excavation of these tombs.



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