EBAP - Eleon Excavation: Northwest Sector

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Mercredi, Juin 1, 2011 - Lundi, Juillet 15, 2013

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This sector consists of the excavation of the highest point on the Akropolis. As of the end of the 2013 field season Trenches NWB1a+b and NWB2c+d have been excavated along with the adjacent baulks. These trenches cover a 10 m square area.

The work to date has revealed parts of four rooms. It is not clear how many separate buildings this represents. The most of the visible walls and floors date to the the 12th century BCE. The LH IIIC period here has at least two phases (IIIC early and IIIC middle) separated by a destruction level. Underneath a destruction layer are LH IIIB walls from the 13th century BCE. Below are Middle Helladic layers that include an undisturbed cist tomb with the skeletal remains of a child. The earliest levels encountered so far date to the end of the Early Helladic period.

In the disturbed layers above the 12th century BCE remains there are stray finds in this area from the Geometric – Classical periods, and more extensive evidence for occupation in the Medieval period. The most substantial post-classical material is a broad scatter of roof tiles with grooved decoration in found in units NWB2d, NWB1b and continuing into the eastern baulk. During or after the Medieval period a surprising number of pits were dug across the area. Among these finds are fragmentary terracotta figurines and ceramics from the later Archaic and Classical periods. This material without an architectural context probably are votive offerings from a sanctuary.

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