Entry Number Title Category Image
AO1253.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Loutro Peninsula from church on Anopolis Ridge; "Dry Harbour" visible on right of peninsula (1986) Paysage
AO1252.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Agricultural terraces near Livaniana (5.08) (1989) Paysage
AO1251.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Kambia, Anapoli, with houses and church; Anapoli Ridge above on the right (4.52) (1988) Paysage
AO1250.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Tomb at Ancient Anopolis, with Vicent Brown as scale (4.21) (1989) structure funéraire : vue des composantes
AO1249.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Ancient Anopolis looking south-south-east; cistern with visible masonry (4.21) (1996) Site archéologique : architecture
AO1248.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Anopolis Plain with Anopolis Ridge in background (site of Ancient Anapolis) (4.21) (2003) Site archéologique : vue générale
AO1247.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Venetian House, Gyro, Anopoli (4.12) (1988) Site archéologique : architecture
AO1246.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Late Roman Cistern at Gourounokephalo Ravine West, with Morag Kersel as scale (3.10) (1989) Site archéologique : architecture
AO1245.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Chapel of Ag. Pavlos (ca. 1990) Site archéologique : architecture
AO1244.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Chapel of Ag. Pavlos from sea, in the middle at the shore (3.01) (1989) Paysage
AO1243.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Chert and Obsidian from Livadha Basin site (2.32) (1999) Découverte archéologique
AO1242.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): View of Livadha Basin (1989) Paysage
AO1241.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Moulds for graviera (cheese) in mitato at Katsiveli (2.19) (1987) scène locale
AO1240.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Sheep being milked at Katsiveli (2.19) (1992) scène locale
AO1239.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Mitata (shepherds' huts) at Katsiveli (2.19) (1987) scène locale
AO1238.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Shepherd from Anopoli recovering lost sheep in mountain desert (dog also visible) (1987) scène locale
AO1237.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Archusa Caespitosa (Blue Carpet Plant) near Angathopi (1987) recherche environnementale dans la zone de recherche
AO1236.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Zelkova (Greek ambelitsia; type of elm) wood in Eligias Gorge (1987) recherche environnementale dans la zone de recherche
AO1235.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): New Ag. Roumeli, mouth of Samaria Gorge, late Ottoman Period fort on skyline to left (1.27) (1982) Paysage
AO1234.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): 4th Century Temple, Late Roman Basilica, V Chapel near shore at Tarrha (1.28) (1987) Site archéologique : architecture