Entry Number Titlesort descending Category Material
AO0164 2009 ASCE researchers. group photograph digital media
AO0084 2010 Canadian team excavating in Akropolis Sector at Argilos (Makedonia) work on excavation digital media
AO0209 2011 CIG visit to EBAP at the Thebes Archaeological Museum visitors to the project digital media
AO0156 2011 EBAP Director and Co-Directors at the excavation of Eleon (Boiotia) project director / co-directors digital media
AO0190 2011 plan of the akropolis of Eleon (Boiotia) with trench grid, trenches excavated and geophysical results. site plan with excavation grid/units/trenches digital media
AO0590 2012 CIG visit to Kastro Kallithea (Thessalia) with Sophia Karapanou, Margriet Haagsma, the Mayor of Pharsalos and friends in the area of Building 1 visitors to the project digital image
AO0149 2012 EBAP excavation team group photograph digital media
AO0160 2012 MagA Excavation Team at Argilos (Makedonia) group photograph digital media
AO0161 2012 plan of the Buildings H and J in the Koutloudis Sector at Argilos (Makedonia) building(s) plan digital media
AO0544 2012 Restored plan of the architecture [in gray] in the three sectors at Eleon (Boiotia) superimposed on the geophysical results [in pink] Plan of trenches excavated and the architectural remains uncovered digital media: .tiff