Name Titlesort descending Affiliation Area of Expertise
Theodora Moutsiou Dr. Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus paleolithic archaeology
Tracey Cullen Dr. American School of Classical Studies at Athens Prehistoric Mediterranean, Survey archaeology, Prehistoric Pottery, Aegean Mortuary Studies
Dimitris Sakellariou Dr. Hellenic Center for Marine Research Marine research, Structual/Marine Geology, Marine Geoarchaeology, Tectonics, Sedminentology, Deformation and Metamorphic Evolution of Pre-Alpine Rocks and Geotectonic Units in Northern Greece, Use and Maintenance of Manned Submersibles, Remotely Operating Underwater Vehicles (ROVs)
Jennifer Moody Dr. University of Texas at Austin Prehistoric ceramics, Survey archaeology
David S. Reese Dr. Field Museum of Natural History Faunal Research
Heather L. Graybehl Dr. Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield Classical and Hellenistic Greek Worlds, Ceramic petrology, Ceramic Production and Consumption, Hellenistic ceramics, Late Roman ceramics, Greek Sanctuaries, Archaeological Science, Archaeological Curation and Registration
Susan-Marie Cronkite-Price Dr. Corpus Christi College computer applications, Greek Architecture, Greek Archaeology
Vasilica Lungu Dr. Institute of South-East European Studies, Romanian Academy of Sciences Archaic Gray Ware ceramics, Anatolian and Greek Pottery, Funerary Practices in Greek Colonies of the Black Sea
Margarete Hahn Dr. University of Odense Byzantine ceramics, Venetian pottery, Ottoman pottery
Evangelia Kiriatzi Dr. Fitch Laboratory, British School at Athens archaeological ceramic analysis techniques, Archaeology of Technological Landscapes in Prehistoric Aegean, Reproduction of Technological Practice and Transmission of Technological Knowledge, Ethnoarchaeology