Name Titletrier par ordre décroissant Affiliation Area of Expertise
Evangelia Kiriatzi Dr. Fitch Laboratory, British School at Athens archaeological ceramic analysis techniques, Archaeology of Technological Landscapes in Prehistoric Aegean, Reproduction of Technological Practice and Transmission of Technological Knowledge, Ethnoarchaeology
Maria Roumpou Dr. University of Bradford organic residue analysis
Evi Margaritis Dr. Weiner Laboratory, American School of Classical Studies at Athens Paleobotanical analysis, Ancient Crop Production, Processing and Consumption
Alan Johnston Dr. Institute of Archaeology, University College London Classical ceramics, Hellenistic ceramics, Greek Pottery and Epigraphy, Greek Archaeology of the Archaic Period
Amanda Kelly Dr. School of Classics, University College Dublin Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, Hellenistic ceramics, Late Roman ceramics, Byzantine ceramics, Roman Aqueducts and Bathhouses
Stelios Lekakis Dr. School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Newcastle University cultural heritage management, public archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Cultural Informatics, Landscape Assessment and Characterization
Jonathan E. Tomlinson Dr. Canadian Institute in Greece
Jette Christiansen Dr. Philipps-Universität Marburg
Panagiotis Karkanas Dr. Weiner Laboratory, American School of Classical Studies at Athens geoarchaeology
Dante Bartoli Dr. ProMare, Inc. nautical archaeological research, Graeco-Roman World in the Mediterranean, Greek Colonization in the West, Greek and Roman Seafaring, Marble and Stone Trade in Antiquity