Name Titleφθίνουσα ταξινόμηση Affiliation Area of Expertise
Sheila Campbell Dr. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, St. Michael's College, University of Toronto Art Historian
Noel Gale Dr. University of Oxford metal finds: sampling and analysis
Sue Colledge Dr. Institute of Archaeology, University College London archaeobotancial research and analysis, Archaeobotany, Origins Spread and Development of Neolithic Farming in SW Asia and Europe, Plant Domestication, Early Prehistory of SW Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean, Quantitative Methods in Archaeobotany
Alexandra Livarda Dr. Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham Archaeobotany
Laura Surtees Dr. Bryn Mawr College Archaeological Survey, Hellenistic Thessaly, Urbanism, City Planning
Rosemary Bancroft-Marcus Dr. University of Oxford Medieval and Early Modern Greek texts
Tracey Cullen Dr. American School of Classical Studies at Athens Prehistoric Mediterranean, Survey archaeology, Prehistoric Pottery, Aegean Mortuary Studies
Susan-Marie Cronkite-Price Dr. Corpus Christi College computer applications, Greek Architecture, Greek Archaeology
Dimitris Sakellariou Dr. Hellenic Center for Marine Research Marine research, Structual/Marine Geology, Marine Geoarchaeology, Tectonics, Sedminentology, Deformation and Metamorphic Evolution of Pre-Alpine Rocks and Geotectonic Units in Northern Greece, Use and Maintenance of Manned Submersibles, Remotely Operating Underwater Vehicles (ROVs)
Theodora Moutsiou Dr. Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus paleolithic archaeology