StyP - Akropolis: Sanctuary of Athena (Site II)


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Τετάρτη, Ιούνιος 1, 1994 to Σάββατο, Αύγουστος 31, 2002

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The acropolis excavations, which began in 1994 and continued until 2000, have centred around the Athena sanctuary complex. This includes a small temple, stone-built altar, large rectangular service building with annexes, and several modest structures on the southern side of the site. Nearby aspects of the city’s fortification system have also been examined and a detailed contour of the map of the entire acropolis was created in 2003. Recovered material culture has been extremely rich, including two fragmentary marble statues (late archaic kore and part of a late classical “temple boy”), hundreds of pieces of bronze jewelry, assorted bronze objects, two hundred terracotta figurines, and a hundred terracotta loom weights. Over a hundred and fifty iron catapult projectile points also appear across this area of the site, most in association with the destruction and abandonment level of the mid-2nd century BCE. The jewelry is a particularly important collection as few pieces of such luxury goods were found in the lower town, suggesting that the Symphalians removed their personal jewelry when abandoning the site. The acropolis goods therefore provide information about the wealth and status of citizens and also reflect the civic pride citizens had for their goddess.


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