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Object Date - Earliest: 

700 BC

Object Date - Latest: 

500 BC

Object Description: 

AO0053: The left hand of an Archaic kore, originally found in two pieces and badly burnt with (not pictured) two forepaws resting gently on the tips of the fingers believed to belong with the small figurine representing the back haunches of an animal (hare?) (also pictured) . Also found (not pictured) was another part of a small animal's body which fit to the haunches before and attached to it, a human thumb in marble. from marble kore in the Sanctuary of Athena on the Akropolis of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). From Pl. 5 Echos du Monde Classique - Classical Views 40 NS 15 No. 1, 1996 - Williams, H.

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