ASCE - Tomb 4


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Jeudi, Juin 1, 2006 - Jeudi, Août 31, 2006

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Tomb 4, excavated during the 2006 and 2007 seasons, dates from LH IIIA2 to LH IIIB and was found undisturbed, although its chamber had collapsed. The excavation of Tomb 4 began after a nearby test trench suggested a dromos was nearby; cut north-south, perpendicular to the contours of the hill. Significant stratigraphic data was acquired from the dromos during the 2006 season. Prior to the 2007 season, the stomion was tunnelled through by looters, necessitating careful excavation by the team. At least five openings of the tomb following its construction were identified, although evidence for additional openings of the dromos was destroyed by subsequent re-use. The tomb chamber contained eight inhumations. A single burial niche was located in the eastern wall of the dromos, although no bones were recovered here. The excavation team hypothesized that the niche was constructed after the initial construction of the tomb since the niche was cut into the well-packed floor of the dromos and other older strata. Preliminary osteological analysis suggests seven adults and one juvenile in the chamber while the finds of the dromos niche (feeding bottle and small beads of a necklace or bracelet) suggest a child burial.

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