Entry Number Titletrier par ordre décroissant Category Image
AO0144.1 2001 Plan of Akropolis Artillery Tower with Early Christian Graves in Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0177.1 2001 Plan of Area around Fountain House and Tholos in Lower City of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0140.1 2001 Plan of Ashlar Building on East Side of Lower City Excavations of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0178.1 2001 Plan of Foundations of Large Propylon east of Fountain House of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0138.1 2001 Plan of Southeastern Domestic Area of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0093.1 2001 Plan of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos) with the excavated and the visible remains. Plan du site
AO0179.1 2001 Plan of Tholos shaped building north of Fountain House in Lower City of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0173.1 2001 Plan of Two Phases of Stage Building of Theatre in Lower City of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0145.1 2001 Plan of West Artillery Tower at Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0141.1 2001 Restored Plan of Roman Courtyard House across road from Ashlar Building in the Lower City of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0629.1 2004 PWSS research group photo de groupe
AO0273.1 2006 ASCE excavation crew photo de groupe
AO0257.1 2007 map of the survey zone (yellow) around the fortified akropolis (orange) of Eleon (Boiotia) Unités et emplacements des prospections sur la carte des zones de recherche
AO0147.1 2007 plan of the Mycenaean cemetery at Ayia Sotira (Peloponnesos) with the test trenches and excavation units of the 2006 and 2007 firld seasons plan du site avec grille, unités et tranchées de fouille
AO0081.1 2008 plan of Southeast Sector of Argilos (Makedonia). Plan du site
AO0083.1 2008 plan of the Akropolis Sector at Argilos (Makedonia) Plan du site
AO0281.1 2008 visit by members of the Athens Association of Friends of CIG to see the polygonal wall at ancient Eleon (modern Arma) visiteurs du projet
AO0164.1 2009 ASCE researchers. photo de groupe
AO0084.1 2010 Canadian field school team excavating in the Akropolis Sector at Argilos (Makedonia) travail sur la fouille
AO0209 2011 CIG visit to EBAP taken at the Thebes Archaeological Museum visiteurs du projet