Entry Number Titlesort ascending Category Image
AO0525.1 Xanthos Letoon (Turkey): flooded area of N Portico (1978) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0524.1 Xanthos Letoon (Turkey): decorated outer end of vaulted passage under cavea of theatre (1978) Archaeological site: architecture
AO1196.1 Xanthos (Turkey): Letoon, Temple B, view from N Archaeological site: architecture
AO1154.1 Xanthos (Turkey): Letoon, Temple A, Ionic drum, including large number behind temple to N Archaeological site: architecture
AO1149.1 Xanthos (Turkey): Letoon, great stoa Archaeological site: architecture
AO0692.1 Workman cleaning the surface of the wall blocking the stomion of Tomb 6 at the Mycenaean cemetery at Ayia Sotira (Peloponessos) work on excavation
AO0493.1 What appears to be a tour group (1966) People
AO0155.1 West section of Trench SWB3b at the end of the 2011 EBAP field season at Eleon (Boiotia). section drawing
AO1069.1 WARP survey crews meeting in the field for mid-morning break and conference. survey crews in the field
AO1070.1 WARP survey crew leader explaining to Dimitri Nakassis the pattern of finds in the plots surveyed. survey crews in the field
AO1306.1 Wall in Unit # 8339 (2015) Archaeological site: architecture
AO1304.1 Wall in Unit # 8209 (2015) Archaeological site: architecture
AO1303.1 Wall in Unit # 8192 (2015) Archaeological site: architecture
AO1302.1 Wall in Unit # 7270 (2015) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0195.1 Waiting in the morning to get into the boat for the trip to Sokastro (Karpathos) work on survey
AO1091.1 View W from Stelida, Naxos towards Paros Landscape
AO1092.1 View W from Stelida, Naxos down to the coastline Landscape
AO0814.1 View underwater from the cockpit of the submersible Thetis submersibles
AO0565.1 View to W/SW of the Stelida promontory of Naxos (Cyclades) with Chora in the right foreground and with the island of Paros in the background Archaeological site: general view
AO1083.1 View to W/SW of A.M. DeGrazia Plot A on Stelida (Naxos) with Trenches 3, 2 and 4 (left to right) Archaeological excavation: general views