Entry Number Titlesort descending Category Image
AO0474.1 Assos (Turkey): views along NE salient (1962) Archaeological site: defensive fortifications
AO0504.1 Assos (Turkey): walls from smaller corbel to Main Gate from above (1966) Archaeological site: defensive fortifications
AO0733.1 Athens (Attica, Greece): Arch of Hadrian, capital of pedimented central portion of upper order (1971) Archaeological site: architecture
AO1146.1 Athens (Attica, Greece): ASCS Blegen Library and Main Building from Loring local scene
AO0483.1 Athens (Attica, Greece): Tower of the Winds, interior, roof (1966) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0610.1 Attentive visitors to the excavations at Eleon (Boiotia) visitors to the project
AO0580.1 Attic black glaze lekythos (ca 500-475 BCE) from a Phase II votive deposit in the NE corner of Room 3 of Building H in the Koutloudis Sector at Argilos (Macedonia) artifact image/photograph
AO0304.1 Axonometric reconstruction of the foundations of the apsidal structure in the Middle Terrace (Mittelburg) at Kiapha Thiti (Attica) reconstruction drawing
AO0708.1 Bathymetric chart of the sea around the Athos peninsula with the green squares indicating targets pickup by the side-scan sonar of the PWSS bathymetric map/chart
AO0432.1 Beachrock platform exposed at 3.7 m water depth at Location BR-1 at Kalamianos (Peloponnesos) submerged geological/geomorphological features
AO0608.1 Beginning of the excavation of Trench NWB3b in 2011 in the Southwest Sector at Eleon (Boiotia) Archaeological excavation: general views
AO0609.1 Beginning of the excavation of Trench SE A4c in the Southeast Sector at Eleon (Boiotia) Archaeological excavation: general views
AO0154.1 Beginning the excavation of Unit NWB2d in 2011 at Eleon (Boiotia) work on excavation
AO0705.1 Belevi mausoleum (Turkey): partly finished Corinthian capital (1966) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0806.1 Beneventum (Italy): Arch of Trajan, face-on and angle views of country face (1978) Archaeological site: architecture
AO1145.1 Bergama (Turkey): Bergama Museum artifact image/photograph
AO1168.1 Bergama (Turkey): Bergama Museum, example of Doric architrave with garlands and bucrania Archaeological site: architecture
AO1186.1 Bergama (Turkey): Bergama Museum, Roman composite capital Archaeological site: architecture
AO0123.1 Bipod Photograph of Roman Courtyard House in Lower City of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Archaeological excavation: general views
AO1035.1 Blue Stone Stucture (LH I) from the west at Arma (Eleon, Eastern Boiotia) Archaeological site: architecture