Entry Number Titlesort descending Category Image
AO0628.1 An exposed ballast mound composed of andesitic and limestone boulders with scattered Mycenaean sherds at Kalamianos harbor on the Saronic Gulf anchor(s)/ballast mound on the seafloor
AO0276.1 Analysis of a portion of a large deposit of unguentaria found in Building 10 at Kastro Kallithea (Thessalia) in 2010 processing of excavation finds
AO0463.1 Analysis of the ceramic finds from the Mycenaean cemetery at Ayia Sotira (Peloponnesos) at the Nemea Archaeological Museum artifact / ecofact study
AO1162.1 Antayla (Turkey): Arch of Hadrian Archaeological site: architecture
AO1203.1 Aosta (France): Detail of the same gate-passage and portcullis groove Archaeological site: architecture
AO0766.1 Aosta (Italy): Roman bridge (1975) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0990.1 Archaeological context from The National Road Sector at ancient Argilos (Makedonia) Archaeological context(s)
AO1060.1 Archaeological illustrator Tina Ross drawing ceramics from the excavation at ancient Eleon (Arma, eastern Boeotia) object drawing
AO0991.1 Architectural remains from National Road Sector at ancient Argilos (Makedonia) Archaeological context(s)
AO0224.1 Areas of settlement (blue) and the visible ancient features at Leukos (Karpathos) visible architectural remains map
AO0270.1 Argilos Co-Directors describing the architectural features of the Koutloudis Sector project director / co-directors
AO0210.1 Argilos Co-Directors explaining the stratigraphy of Building F at Argilos (Makedonia visitors to the project
AO1010.1 Artefact drawing of a stamnos (C 18090) found inside the lekane in Area L1 at Argilos (Makedonia) object drawing
AO0633.1 Assisted lift off of the helicopter drone for an aerial photography session at Argilos (Macedonia) heliocopter drone aerial photography
AO0676.1 Assos (Turkey): crosswall descending toward Main Gate (1962) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0502.1 Assos (Turkey): interior view of stretch of wall in No 06, with smaller corbel gate lower left, larger upper centre (1966) Archaeological site: defensive fortifications
AO0501.1 Assos (Turkey): Main Gate passage, E wall of court and part of E tower from SW (1966) Archaeological site: defensive fortifications
AO0503.1 Assos (Turkey): smaller corbel gate from inside, beside it long flight of steps up to alure (1966) Archaeological site: defensive fortifications
AO1225.1 Assos (Turkey): theatre, view of orchestra and seats (1991) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0500.1 Assos (Turkey): vaulted tomb just outside and E of Main Gate (1966) Archaeological site: architecture