Entry Number Titlesort descending Category Image
AO0549.1 Aerial view of the room with pithoi in Building 10 at Kastro Kallithea (Thessaly) at end of 2013 field season Site Aerial Photography
AO0283.1 Aerial view of the Sanctuary of Athena and the Acropolis Tower at Stymphalos (Peloponnese) kite aerial photography
AO0793.1 Aerial view of the Sanctuary of Athena on the akropolis of Stymphalos (Stymphalias) aerial photograph/image
AO0673.1 Aerial view of the Southeastern Domestic Quarter of the Lower City of Symphalos aerial photograph/image
AO1027.1 Aerial view of the Southwest trenches at Arma (Eleon, Eastern Boiotia) aerial photograph/image
AO0644.1 Afternoon work, "reading pottery" at Stymphalos (Peloponessos) artifact / ecofact study
AO0804.1 Agrigento (Italy): "Tomb of Theron" (1978) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0643.1 Airfoil kite aloft taking aerial photographs at Stymphalos (Peloponessos) kite aerial photography
AO0780.1 Aizanoi (Turkey): view from wedge of village along length of stadium (1978) Archaeological site: general view
AO0215.1 AkSP researcher collecting sediment samples at the southern tip of Antikythera environmental research in research zone
AO1141.1 Alasehir/Philadelphia (Turkey): Fragment of late wall of lower city (1991) Archaeological site: architecture
AO1140.1 Alasehir/Philadelphia (Turkey): Tomb-mound beside highway near Alasehir (1991) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0766.1 Alberobello (Italy): detail and general views of trulli (1975) Archaeological site: general view
AO0778.1 Alexandria (Egypt): interior of the Alabaster Tomb (1978) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0517.1 Alinda (Turkey): acropolis, the large tower of the edge of the cliff (1968) Archaeological site: defensive fortifications
AO0713.1 Alinda (Turkey): agora, general views of corner and downhill wall of the market-building (1968) Archaeological site: architecture
AO0714.1 Alinda (Turkey): large acropolis tower, inner face, with upper (from alure) and lower doors, sockets (for floor-beams of wooden alure?), and windows (1968) Archaeological site: defensive fortifications
AO0302.1 Almost complete goblet of Type D1 from Kiapha Thiti (Attica) artifact image/photograph
AO0995.1 Amphora body sherds from the Karystos Plain/Kampos Survey (Evia) artifact image/photograph
AO0996.1 Amphora handles and toe from the Karystian Plain/Kampos Survey (Evia) artifact image/photograph