Entry Number Titletrier par ordre décroissant Category Image
AO0267.1 3 Early Bronze Age Celts from the central acropolis terrace (Site X) at Stymphalos (Peloponnese) image / photographie d'artefact
AO0820.1 "2013 Open House" visitors to the Northwest Sector at Eleon (Boiotia) from SW visiteurs du projet
AO0625.1 2003 PWSS research crew photo de groupe
AO0590.1 2012 CIG visit to Kastro Kallithea (Thessalia) with Sophia Karapanou, Margriet Haagsma, the Mayor of Pharsalos and friends in the area of Building 1 visiteurs du projet
AO0607.1 Co-Director, Brendan Burke, using a EDM Total Station to lay out trenches at Eleon (Boiotia) travail sur la fouille
AO1076.1 EBAP Co-Director Bryan Burns describing the probable extent of the "Blue Stone Structure" in the Southeast Sector at ancient Eleon (Arma, eastern Boeotia). Site archéologique : architecture
AO1118.1 Euromos (Turkey): Temple of Zeus (?) unfinished column and block of entablature (1988) Site archéologique : architecture
AO0428.1 General view of the kastro of Khostia (Boiotia) from E Paysage
AO0630.1 HCMR submersible Thetis used by the PWSS in their underwater survey submersibles
AO0243.1 Location of Kalamianos (Korphos) on the Saronic Gulf where the USKH research zone is located montage d’image satellite montrant l’emplacement général du projet/site
AO0600.1 Magnetometer survey for buried tombs at the Mycenaean cemetery at Ayia Sotira (Peloponessos) prospection magnétométrique
AO0430.1 Map of Mytilene (Lesbos) with location of excavated remains Carte des zones de recherche
AO0722.1 Map of the Athos peninsula indicating the underwater survey zones of PWSS: red = 2003; blue = 2004 Carte des zones de recherche sous-marine (s)
AO0009.1 Plan of the Eastern Quarter the Lower City of Kastron Khostion (Boeotia) Plan du site
AO0222.1 PWSS survey crew in 2006 photo de groupe
AO0213.1 Stage Two survey collection of a prehistoric scatter on Antikythera by AkSP in 2007 travail de prospection
AO0183.1 View from East of South City Wall Excavations in Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Fouille archéologique : vue generale
AO0248.1 View from the dromos of the stomion of chamber Tomb 6 at the Mycenaean cemetery at Ayia Sotira (Peloponnesos) Structure funéraire : plan/section/détail(s)
AO0100.1 View of the burial chamber of Tomb 5 in the Mycenaean cemetery at Ayia Sotira (Peloponnesos) vestiges architecturaux
AO0294.1 View to the E/SE of the northern section of the fortification walls of Sokastro (Karpathos) Site archéologique : vue générale