Entry Number Title Category Imagetrier par ordre décroissant
AO0457.1 Conservators working in Nemea Museum conservation lab on some Ayia Sotira ceramic finds conservation d'artefact
AO1290.1 Chelmis: House 10 (2015) Site archéologique : architecture
AO0005.1 Research zone of SEEP in southern Euboea Carte des zones de recherche
AO1280.1 Chelmis: Aerial view of House 11 in Unit #10900 (2015) Site archéologique : architecture
AO1128.1 DigView of Giant Cypress near Ag. Nikolaos (1.19), Samaria Gorge (Sphakia, Crete) Site archéologique : vue générale
AO0003.1 Topographic map of the akropolis of ancient Eleon (modern Arma, Boiotia) with the visible architectural remains seen in 2010 by the EBAP survey Carte topographique
AO0012.1 Fragment of a Bronze Monastery Bell (?) from Church at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). image / photographie d'artefact
AO0011.1 1997 Plan of the Cistercian Monastery Site at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). Plan du site
AO0013.1 Two Keys found in Doorway of Cistercian Monastery at Zaraka (Peloponnesos) image / photographie d'artefact
AO0014.1 Green Man Keystone from Church at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). vestiges architecturaux
AO0015.1 Two Closter Skeletons from Chruch at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). image / photographie d'artefact
AO0016.1 Example of Carved Corinithian Capital from Cistercian Monastery at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). vestiges architecturaux
AO0017.1 Drawing of Reconstruction of Southern Wall of Church from Zaraka (Peloponnesos). dessin architectural
AO0018.1 View of the Tomb of Founder(?) near Church at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). vestiges architecturaux
AO0019.1 Drawing of Reconstruction of Cloister at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). dessin architectural
AO0020.1 View of Foundation for Spiral Staircase (?) at the Gatehouse at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). vestiges architecturaux
AO0021.1 View of Gatehouse Steps from Zaraka (Peloponnesos). vestiges architecturaux
AO0022.1 Kite Photo of Archaeological Site of Zaraka (Peloponnesos). Site archéologique : vue générale
AO0023.1 View of Church Wall showing Reused Blocks at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). vestiges architecturaux
AO0024.1 View of Western Facade of Church at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). vestiges architecturaux