Entry Number Title Categorysort descending Image
AO0328.1 Illustration of section of the Unterburg wall, Section f-g, at Kiapha Thiti (Attica) architectural drawing
AO0306.1 Drawing of the remains of the substructure of the apsidal structure on the Mittelburg of Kiapha Thiti (Attica) architectural drawing
AO0844.1 View of the preserved interior wall of the Cistercian Abbey at Zaraka (Peloponessos) architectural drawing
AO0405.1 Drawing of the remains of Phases 2 and 3 of the acropolis gate at Khostia (Boiotia) architectural drawing
AO1014.1 Drawing of the small marble altar from Argilos (Makedonia) architectural drawing
AO0017.1 Drawing of Reconstruction of Southern Wall of Church from Zaraka (Peloponnesos). architectural drawing
AO0481.1 Double exposure (1966) PHOTOGRAPH / IMAGE
AO0530.1 Hotel room? (1982) PHOTOGRAPH / IMAGE
AO1310.1 Panayia: Pile of Sherds in Unit #10232 (2015) Archaeological find
AO1177.1 Rome (Italy): Vatican Museum, Lateran Sophokles Archaeological find
AO0184.1 View from East of Classical (?) foundation and early Christian Grave at "Monastiraki" Site in Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). Archaeological find
AO1307.1 Quern in Unit # 9326 (2015) Archaeological find
AO1243.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Chert and Obsidian from Livadha Basin site (2.32) (1999) Archaeological find
AO1223.1 Musee Lapidaire in Vienne (France): Sarcophagus sculptures, depicting Christ and children (1991) Archaeological find
AO1270.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Potter's Disc Fragment from Scatter 6 from Ag. Marina (8.78) (1999) Archaeological find
AO1190.1 Rome (Italy): Vatican Museum, Marcus Aurelius Archaeological find
AO1297.1 Concrete with Text in Unit # 5320 Archaeological find
AO1233.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Coin with Bee, from Lisos or Tarrha, late 4th/early 3rd century, found at site SW of old village of Ag. Roumeli (1.19) (1999) Archaeological find
AO1308.1 Panayia: Terrace wall with ceramic artifact collected in Unit # 10123 (2015) Archaeological find
AO1260.1 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Ancient ceramic beehive fragments with internal scoring from Ergasteria (6.25) (1999) Archaeological find