Entry Number Titlesort descending Category Material
AO0336 A map of the region of Khostia with the cities of Ancient Boiotia regional map with ancient sites digital image
AO0557 A section of the defensive fortification wall in Lesbian polygonal masonry style at Eleon (Boiotia). Archaeological site: defensive fortifications digital image
AO0997 A terracotta bathtub in the SW corner of Room 3 of Building L in the Koutloudis Sector at ancient Argilos (Makedonia) archaeological find(s) in situ digital image
AO0639 A tethered balloon taking imagery over Building 10 at Kastro Kallithea (Thessalia) tethered ballon aerial photography digital image
AO1003 Acropolis, South Zone at Argilos (Makedonia) Archaeological excavation: general views digital image
AO0843 Actual state drawing of the preserved architectural remains on the interior wall of the Cistercian Abbey at Zaraka (Peloponessos) architectural drawing digital media: .tiff
AO0542 Actual state plan of buildings in the Koutloudis Sector at Argilos (Macedonia) at the end of the 2013 field season. building(s) plan digital media: .tiff
AO0444 Actual state plan of Unit SWB3b at Eleon (Boiotia) at the end of the 2011 field season trench plan digital media
AO0262 Aerial photograph from a kite of the northern edge of the citadel at Soskastro (Karpathos) Site Aerial Photography digital media
AO0921 Aerial photograph of Building 1 (the stoa) at Kastro Kallithea (Thessalia) aerial photograph/image digital image