Entry Number Title Categorysort descending Material
AO0083 2008 plan of the Akropolis Sector at Argilos (Makedonia). site plan digital media
AO0003 Topographic map of ancient Eleon (modern Arma), 2010 site plan digital media
AO0180 2001 Plan of "Pheneos Gate" in Southwestern area in Lower City of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). site plan pen / paper
AO0137 2001 Plan after 2001 Season of Ancient Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). site plan pen / paper
AO0325 Overall plan of the acropolis of Kiapha Thiti (Attica) site plan digital image
AO0009 Plan of the Eastern Quarter of the Lower City of Kastron Khostion (Boeotia) site plan pen / draughting film
AO0175 2001 Plan of excavations on easternmost terrace of Akropolis of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). site plan pen / paper
AO0412 Site plan of Khostia (Boiotia) indicating the distribution of polygonal walling site plan digital image
AO0143 2000 Plan of Athena Sancuary on Akropolis on Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). site plan BW photograph
AO0315 Site plan of Kiapha Thiti (Attica) with the location of the trenches site plan digital image