Entry Number Titleφθίνουσα ταξινόμηση Category Material
AO0267 3 Early Bronze Age Celts from the central acropolis terrace (Site X) at Stymphalos (Peloponnese) artifact image/photograph digital image
AO0071 3 Minature Votive Cups from the Sanctuary of Athena on the Akropolis of Stymphalos (Peloponnesos). artifact image/photograph BW photograph
AO0266 3-D isometric reconstruction of the first phase of Building A in the Southeast Sector at Argilos (Makedonia) digital isometric 3-D reconstruction digital media
AO0027 3D Digital Isometric Reconstruction of Vaulting and Support of Cistercian Monastery at Zaraka (Peloponnesos). architectural drawing pen / draughting film
AO0920 3D map of Building 10 at Kastro Kallithea (Thessalia) (Richard Anderson and Myles Chykerda) digital isometric 3-D reconstruction digital image
AO0842 3D reconstruction of the interior end of the Cistercian Abbey at Zaraka (Peloponessos) reconstruction drawing digital media: .tiff
AO0163 3D topographic map of Argilos (Makedonia) with excavation sectors. topographic map digital media
AO0695 A collection point every 10 m along a collection line at Stelida, Naxos (Cyclades) work on survey digital image
AO0709 A corroded bronze spear-butt spike (sauroter) found protruding from the mouth of a jar at a target on the sea bottom off the eastern coast of the Athos peninsula. artifact(s)/amphora(e) on sea floor digital image
AO0251 A fragment of a bronze fibula dating to the Early Archaic period, found in Room 4 of Building 10 at Kastro Kallithea (Thessalia), excavated in 2012 artifact image/photograph digital image